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1. About You

We're collecting some basic information about how organizations protect, archive and use their information.

This helps us serve you better, with more effective products, and is part of your chance to tell us what you want, what you need, and what you know. This survey will NOT be used to sell you anything.

You CAN choose to supply you email address, or not, depending on whether or not you'd like Symantec to contact you to discuss anything the survey might have prompted you about.

We know you're busy people and so we've kept the survey short, there's just 2 pages and only 10 questions.

Thanks! From the NetBackup, EnterpriseVault and BackupExec teams at Symantec.

Questions with a * indicate that an answer is required in order to complete the survey.


What's the size of your organization (approximately, in number of people)? *


Where is your organization headquartered? *


What's your group or role (whichever is closest)? *


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