1st draft of the Raw Materials Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – Public consultation

Ten years have passed since the ERA-MIN Research Agenda was published and the landscape has considerably changed since then. The experience from the ERA-MIN programme has brought new insights towards transforming the innovation system.
The aims for the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) within the field of non-energy, non-food raw materials, are two-fold:
- Identifying critical technological and structural challenges within the EU relating to raw material supply for the green and digital transition.
- Addressing needs for research and innovation to tackle the challenges, as well as prioritizing among strategically important core targets.
The SRIA will be the guide for the consortium to implement the future partnership actions. The document will be updated on a regular basis throughout the years and beyond 2030.

Moreover, the SRIA is a key requirement and a guideline for the future EU Co-funded Partnership on Raw Materials in Horizon Europe work Programme 2025.

As an important stakeholder in the Raw Materials community, we would like to receive your feedback to the 1st draft of the SRIA through this survey.

It is estimated a minimum of 60 minutes to answer this questionnaire.

We appreciate your feedback by 5th of April, 2024.




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