Real-time feedback without the fuss.

Survs lets you create, distribute, and analyze online surveys with ease.

Create surveys on the fly.

Build your survey with a user-friendly interface. Choose from multiple question types, customizable themes, and flexible options.

  • Multiple question types – Multiple choice, free text, rating scales, and more.
  • Branded surveys – Completely customize the look of your survey.
  • Skip logic – Direct respondents to relevant questions with skip logic.
  • Language – Choose from a variety of preset languages or create your own.
  • Internationalization – Support for right-to-left languages and Unicode.

Distribute on your terms.

When you're ready, easily distribute your survey via link, email, on social networks, or right from your website.

  • Link Channel – Quickly share the link to your survey via email, on social networks, or publish it on your website.
  • Email Channel – Our email delivery system is the perfect way to send a survey to your list of contacts.
  • HTML Channel – Collect responses directly from your website by embedding the survey with only a few lines of HTML.
  • Social Channel – Share your survey on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Manual Channel – Enter responses collected on paper, or by other means, manually into Survs.

Analyze results in real-time.

The analytics section allows you to look at responses in real-time, share them with colleagues, and export data in multiple formats.

  • Real-time – Analyze your survey results up-to-the-minute.
  • Multiple channels – Easily segment responses by distribution channel.
  • Export – Download survey results into Excel, CSV, or SPSS.
  • Advanced filters – Sort and narrow results with powerful filters.
  • Share reports – Share survey results with colleagues, clients, and your audience using web reports.

Collaborate with your team.

Survs’ multi-user accounts and ability to assign different roles to each account member make it great for collaborating with teams or colleagues.

  • Teams – Collaborate with your colleagues on multi-user accounts.
  • User permissions – Assign roles to each account member.
  • Security – We use industry best practices to ensure that your data is safe and secure.
  • Support – Fast and friendly email support when you need it.