New Features and A Look Ahead

March 1st, 2012

After several quiet months, we’re excited to share some important updates with you! We recently launched six highly requested features, and we have big plans for 2012. Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

New Features

Export: Filters

You can now choose filters and channels when exporting your survey results. Filtering makes it easier to analyze large surveys in more detail.

Export: Internationalization

We fixed a bug with the Export feature that made it hard to read international characters. We love our customers from all over the world, and we’ll keep supporting great features for internationalization.

Matrix Likert/Rating Questions: Custom Values

You can now change the scale of Matrix Likert/Rating questions. You can invert the scale from 1-2-3 to 3-2-1, or enter custom values.

Multiple Choice Questions: Answer Limit

Previously, there was no way to limit the number of answered options in multiple-choice questions. Based on your feedback, we’ve updated Survs so you can set a minimum and maximum number of answers. This is helpful when limiting answers will make your data more meaningful.

Open Text Questions: Format Validation

Want to get better answers from open text questions? Now you can specify if the answer should be formatted as a number, email address, or date. By collecting information in a specific format, you’ll get better data and better results.


You can now include links in your surveys with Markdown. We had a lot of requests for this, so we worked it in! Here’s a brief guide we added to the Edit Survey page.

Use a set of parentheses immediately after the link description’s closing square bracket. Inside the parentheses, paste the URL where you want the link to go.

Example 1: This is [an example]( inline link.

Example 2: [This link]( goes to a different link.

A Look Ahead

Along with these new features, we’re really excited about the year ahead. We’ll tell you all about a big update we’re working on soon, so stay tuned!