What is Survs?

Survs allows you to easily create online surveys with your team.

  • Create – Build surveys with our easy-to-use interface. Choose from a variety of question types, themes, and options.
  • Settings – Tailor survey settings to your needs. Add branding and select a language that supports internationalization.
  • Distribute – Quickly share and distribute surveys anywhere on the web via email, a web link, or embedded HTML.
  • Analyze – View responses in real-time, filter results, share findings, and export data in multiple formats.
  • Teams – Collaborate with your colleagues on multi-user accounts.

Who we are?

Launched in 2009, Survs is a web-based survey tool built by Enough Pepper, founded by João Alfaiate and Paulo Andrade, based in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, and passionate about building products for the web. Survs allows users create, distribute and analyze online surveys and questionnaires. It is known for its friendly interface and the balance between simplicity and powerful features. Survs has been very well received, being featured in publications such as TechCrunch, ReadWrite Web and .net magazine.

In the Press

"Survs pretty much strikes the perfect balance between easy-to-use and feature-rich."
– Robin Wauters, TechCrunch

"Do we need another web survey tool? Survs may have you checking 'Yes'."
– Rick Turoczy, ReadWrite Web

"There are plenty of survey services out there but none can match Survs' Ajax-based interface and attention to detail. ★★★★★"
– .net magazine


"We have been using Survs for several months now and are delighted with its superb usability and features. Everybody in the team who has used the tool has quickly got to grips with its functionality, it's a pleasure to use compared with our old system."
– John Henry, JustGiving

"If anyone needs to make a survey for any reason at all you must try Survs!"
– Matthew Smith -

"Thanks to Survs, we are able to easily manage feedback we get from the WebObjects community, in a nice easy-to-use interface."
– Pascal Robert -

"The attention to detail makes Survs an absolute delight to use while creating your survey but prepare yourself to have your mind blown when you start analyzing your survey's data."
– André Luís - SAPO

"Survs is an amazing online survey tool. I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago along with Google Docs and SurveyMonkey and it absolutely nailed the competition."
– Paul Seys - Redweb

"I have absolutely loved Survs. I use the surveys in our school for students and parents. In fact, our Kindergartners have even filled in the surveys! I have not found a survey tool that even comes close to yours. It is easy, the templates are pleasing, the analysis tool works just right for me and when I needed help with a question it was immediately answered in a very positive, helpful manner."
– Jimi Emery - Josiah Bartlett School

"The uses of Survs are endless - not only have we used it to conduct customer and translator surveys, but also for job applications. It's become a vital part of our workflow, and the simplicity and user-friendly design makes it an ideal tool for anyone to use."
– Jennifer Richardson - Gengo

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