The perfect solution for enterprises.

Survs Enterprise makes survey creation simple and convenient for large teams and organizations. With a Survs Enterprise subscription, you can provide multiple members of your organization access to Survs while maintaining one consolidated bill.

Multiple accounts

Easily provide Survs to multiple members of your organization, with a bulk discount. Enterprise accounts include all features.

Centralized administration

Manage multiple Survs licenses in a simple way, with a dedicated, easy to use, administration interface.

Consolidated billing

Maintain one consolidated bill for multiple user accounts within your organization, with a single invoice.

Pricing for Survs Enterprise starts at €1,500 with a minimum of 10 accounts, which includes maintenance, upgrades, and support at no extra cost. The calculator below can help you estimate your annual costs for a license. For more information, please see Enterprise Help.

# Basic Accounts
€150 per year / 2 users per account
# Pro Accounts
€300 per year / 4 users per account
# Premium Accounts
€900 per year / 12 users per account

Total yearly cost


License includes upgrades and support.